Our cattery name is L'HORTA
We are Mari Carmen, Luis and my daugther Ariadna.
We don't use cages,all our cats are with us in the home.
We live in a country house in an urbanization, where there is a great safety for our cats, but especially where we have the sufficient space and an exterior zone perfectly enabled with a great safety for our animals with terraces and garden where the cats enjoy sleeping , playing, running, taking the Sun...

We are members of FIFE and CFA.
We go to all the shows we can in Europe,and we would love to go everyday more and not only in Europe.
We want to raise especially healthy and happy cats with a good and extrovert character and the best quality for Cfa and Fife.

All our cats are tested by DNA and they are PKD negative.

Our first litter come in December 2008, it was when was born our first kitty bi-color calico, the only daughter, L'Horta Solo Tu.
Before of that we were learning everything possible, reading very much, visiting many web sites and going to Cfa and Fife shows.

Our great love for persian and exotic casts started in 2003 when our aunt presented us a Persian cat.
From then on we have been learning the necessary cares for Persian cats and many things about these special cats.

We would like to thank eternally to those people who have trusted us on caring their cats.
Thanks to Ramon and Jose from Salineras for this lovely gir l, to Julio de La Sagra for this splending cat , to John and Kathrin for our boy Casanova , thanks to Rina from Almerians for her beautiful kittens Phoebe and Piper , to Svetlana from Larix's Cattery for our lovely first himalayan girl ''Larix's Tara'' , Lasse for our great Alomi's Mocca , Gabriella for our little devil El Zaburs Baccara and of course to our dearest Lena from LTCH cattery , for trusting us our persian male , LTCH Blemish and with who we made our dreams true!.

Thanks so much for all your friendship and for these lovely cats!
We always will be so grateful to you.

I hope you enjoy our web site.